Allows you to manage your Google AdWords quality score easily. This programme outlines in detail the good and the bad areas of your campaign that affect quality score

The dashboard is easy to us and much cleaner than its rival “Optmyzr”. However it does not come with nearly as many features and reporting options. The support is also a lot slower.


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  • Rated 4.5 stars
R300to R10000
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  • TenScores
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  • Last modified: August 14, 2015


Review was based on a panel of 6 experts, all of who have tested the application with full paid versions of the product. All tests are done with South African users in mind.


Nice quality score tracker
Helps to optimise missed areas of your campaign
Can monitor niche keywords
Is more affordable than Optmyzr
Allows instant update 1 times pr day


Does not monitor true quality score only
Does not come with other features (Purely Quality Score Tracking)
Does not come with PDF reporting


R300to R10000
Rated 4.5 stars

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